Collective Process

Woman's Sober Living ~ Port Hueneme, CA

"A clean and sober living environment for the healing of courageous women.
Healing body, mind, and spirit is a process that can occur with the encouragement and support of the collective."

Our home was created as a safe and loving sanctuary for motivated women, who are unable to return to the situations that ultimately took their lives.

We believe in the courage that it takes to free oneself from the bondage of addiction. Each woman, with the help of her peers and staff (the collective), is provided with the opportunity to discover her truth; to reclaim her voice; and to create an estimable life of recovery.

We, the Collective Process family, work together to help each woman by honoring and supporting her recovery work. We believe that alone, maintaining recovery is almost impossible. Together, through the collective process, we can become the strong and courageous women that we inherently are.

  Welcome Home

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About our founder

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Kelle Tanner

Kelle Tanner has been working in
the field of addictions since 1983.

She is a certified drug and alcohol counselor who
has also worked for nine and a half years at The Betty Ford Center. Kelle also worked at Anacapa Steps in Ventura County, CA., specializing in chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders.

At present, Kelle has a private practice and specializes in addictive disorders, family systems, as well as, trauma. She is also working as a sober coach and as a consultant.

For a confidential assessment, please contact KelleTanne (805) 218-1108


My name is Christan. I came into Collective Process on Halloween Eve of 2007 at the early age of 22. I had exhausted every avenue and burnt every bridge. Kelle(owner of Collective Process) was“the last house on the block” so to speak. She was the only person to reach out a hand and offer a solution to my disease. I was dropped off at Kelle’s very late that Halloween evening. Kelle greeted me with a warm understanding smile. She talked to me for 2 hours while going over the layout of the home and rules. Being as it was late I met with Kelle, and agreed that this was my last hope, and that I should stay and “try it out”. I woke up the next morning to a Meditation Group. This is where I met my new Housemates. We were all of different ages, races and creeds, yet we were are all the same, BROKEN and EXHAUSTED. I was not a big fan of the female race, yet these women were just like me… they had walked the path I had been down. Finally a group of people who understood me! I spent the next 90 days in Collective Process. Every day was a healing process made possible with the training, education, and lived experience of those around me in the home. I was taught love, compassion, patience, and understanding. These four key components of my life were gifts that I probably would not have obtained if it weren’t for Collective Process, and I would not be where I am or who I am today! I just celebrated 4 years sober at the age of 26. I recently got married, and am living a life beyond my wildest dreams. I owe all of this and the opportunity to live today to Collective Process and Kelle. They say the first 90 days are the hardest, AND THEY ARE, but I spent mine at Collective Process, and I KNOW that had I spent it anywhere else I wouldn’t be where I am today!

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